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Nanjing Kisen Held 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony

On Jan 14, Nanjing Kisen held its 2018 annual awards ceremony in Nanjing. China National Building Material Company Limited president Pengshou attended the meeting and issued important instructions. CTIEC president and Nanjing Kisen chairman Sun Jian’an attended the meeting and made a speech. Nanjing Kisen general manager Feng Jianhua gave work report, vice general manager Li Dongfeng hosted the meeting, and vice general manager Li Jiandong announced each recognition decision. More than 300 employees attended the meeting.


2018 is the year that Nanjing Kisen accelerates the reform and promotes the transformation and development substantially. Nanjing Kisen conscientiously implemented the decision-making arrangements of CNBM and CTIEC, actively responded to various challenges and fully completed the annual development goals. New breakthroughs were made in market operation, achievement was obtained in? key market and initial results were achieved in new market development. The project management was upgraded to a new level, key projects made periodic progress. New progress was made in the scientific and technological innovation. New breakthroughs were made in low energy consumption clinker burning and grinding technology. Engineering applications of ultra-low emission and waste disposal technology were gradually expanded, and intelligent manufacturing products were continuously optimized and upgraded. The cost control continued to be strengthened, the receivables recovery effect was remarkable, and safety production was guaranteed, the structure of qualified staff was further optimized and new progress was made in building a harmonious enterprise.

In his report, Feng Jianhua reviewed the achievements made by the company in 2018, summarized the shortcomings in the work, analyzed the economic situation in 2019 and arrange the work. In 2019, Nanjing Kisen should focus on further strengthening market management and improving project management efficiency, emphasizing on energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction in the industry, intensifying employee training, deepening the reform of evaluation, promoting the building of Party good conduct and political integrity, and building a harmonious corporate culture.

Sun Jian’an fully affirmed the achievements of Nanjing Kisen in 2018. These achievements are due to the hard work of all cadres and staff. On behalf of the company's board of directors, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone. He fully agreed with the work summary of 2018 and the 2019 work plan made by General Manager Feng Jianhua.

Pengshou fully affirmed the work of Nanjing Kisen in 2018. He pointed out that since the establishment, Nanjing Kisen has achieved remarkable results, stable operation, standardized management, and leading engineering and technology industries. Nanjing Kisen has distinct characteristics, such as excellent performance, brand, management, technology and reform. He analyzed the economic situation at home and abroad in 2019 and pointed out that Nanjing Kisen should adhere to the comprehensive and international development path in 2019. At the same time, he asked Nanjing Kisen to highlight its main business in 2019, expand related diversification, accelerate transformation and upgrading; continue to implement innovation leading, accelerate the pace of R&D platform construction and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise; further strengthen management integration by comparing with international advanced enterprises; innovate and reform the new model of incentive mechanism, stimulate staff enthusiasm and enterprise vitality, and foster and develop new energy; focus on international, take the initiative to lay out points.




Li Jiandong read out the company’s award decision for 2018. Winners of Advanced collective, Commendation collective, Advanced project department, Commendation project department, Top ten advanced employees, Excellent project, Technology progress award, Excellent intellectual property achievement awards received medals and certificates.

The representatives of Advanced collective, Advanced project department and Top ten advanced employees made award-winning speeches respectively.

Li Dongfeng made a concluding speech, asking all cadres and staff to deeply understand and implement the spirit of the conference, and strive for the full completion of the work tasks in 2019, the realization of higher quality development and the completion of the annual goals.


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