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Nanjing Kisen 2019 Annual Work Conference Concluded Successfully

From Mar 8th to 9th, Nanjing Kisen 2019 annual work conference was held in the meeting room 1603. The goals and key tasks of the company were deployed fully in the conference. The conference was chaired by Gao Aiguo, the deputy general manager, and more than 60 senior

In the conference, Feng Jianhua, the general manager made an important report titled Adhere to seeking improvement in stability, accelerating reform and innovation, and promoting the development of Nanjing Kisen to a new level. In the report, Feng Jianhua points out that 2019 is a year in which the companys seeking improvement in stability, accelerating reform and innovation, and it is also a year of heavy production tasks. All employees of the company must earnestly implement the spirit of the annual work conference of CNBM Group and CTIEC, and closely center on the core content of Strengthening and enhancing engineering, taking high-quality development as the main line, taking reform and innovation as the driving force, doing all the best in market operation, engineering construction, technological innovation, talent incentives, strengthening Party building and corporate cultural construction etc. Unify ideas and strengthen confidence in order to complete this year's production and operation goals.

In the report, Feng Jianhua on behalf of the company represented the major economic objectives of the company in 2019, such as operating income, net profit, contract amount etc., and analyzed their mutual relations. He put forward the concept of Gross margin, analyzed the composition, and pointed out several departmental indicators directly related to Gross margin. Combined with the companys organizational structure, he pointed out the significance and role of each department in the companys production and operation, and put forward the deep expectations for the participants.

Responsible persons from all divisions and 3 EPC project managers of the company signed the 2019 annual target assessment responsibility book respectively with Feng Jianhua, the general manager. Each Party branch secretary, the head of the labor union and youth league committee signed 2019 annual target assessment responsibility book with Li Jiandong, the general Party branch secretary. ?

Directors of Domestic Marketing Division, Overseas Marketing Division, Equipment Business Division, Intelligent Manufacturing Division, Project Management Division, Project Engineering Division, Project Procurement Division, Project Construction Division, Process Design, Civil Design, Electrical & Automation Design, General Layout Design made speeches respectively. They expressed the will to lead the staff of the division to go all out to fully implement the work objectives stated in the responsibility book.

Gao Aiguo, the deputy general manager, gave a comprehensive explanation of the companys new version of general contract project management system for all participants, and analyzed the keys points. Li Jiandong, the deputy general manager and general Party branch secretary, called on all Party members and cadres to make example for all the employees to fully implement various tasks proposed by the conference.

On the morning of Mar 9th, Lin Jie, the general manager assistant and executive director of Chengdu Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. gave a training course on general contract project management for all the participants. Mr. Lin introduced the implementation process and successful experiences of Chengdu Design & Research Institute on domestic and overseas general contract projects. The participants studied carefully and interacted with Mr. Lin, and they benefit a lot. In the afternoon, all the participants held a group discussion on the management of general contract projects, which provided valuable suggestions and opinions for the companys work. The annual conference was a complete success.


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