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Reciprocating grate cooler is one of main equipments for cement production burning system; its function is cooling hot clinker, reclaiming clinker sensible heat and conveying clinker. Because it works in a condition of high temperature and variability, and its system is complicated with many moving elements, and its operation is difficult, old grate coolers have high failure rate, low thermal reclaiming capacity, which affect economic indexes of the burning system. KC reciprocating grate cooler developed by Kisen has high resistance grate plates, air beam technology and subdivided air supply system etc, which increase thermal efficiency greatly, decrease failure rate.



Main technical features:


“high temperature static bed anti-piling device” patent and “high efficiency stair grate plate” special technology increase cooling effect of outlet clinker, avoid completely high temperature area end material leakage and low thermal efficiency; prolong life of grate plate, increase high temperature area thermal reclaiming rate, provide good condition for steady and high kiln output.


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