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NTC type cement kiln humidify spray system which developed by Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., normally used for reducing temperature and humidifying hot waste gas inside humidify tower of new type dry process cement product line. This spray system has advanced technology in process system design, pump station, spray gun arrangement and spray gun control system. Spray system has high-grade automation, only need to set outlet temperature of humidify tower during operation, this technology is leading domestic level, and has great signification to made spray system available for different complex preheater working condition.

Key technical and creative points are as follows:

1. “Metal-ceramic composite membrane double fluid atomizer” has small atomize diameter, faster evaporation, guarantee atomize effect and extend using life.

2. Researched auto pressure control and fluid control devices for gas and water circuit, it can increase system reliability by increase the water fluid adjusting range.

3. Self-researched atomize system control program achieved atomize system accuracy control.

This atomize system has features like high humidity and cooling effect, safety operation, easy to maintenance and low power consumption, and is national promoted energy-saving technology and product.


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